People Who Need This House

Anyone with a family member hospitalized at the local Veterans Affairs or any area hospital.
Those who have to sleep in waiting rooms or at times in their vehicles.
Veterans traveling form out of state for testing at the local Veterans Affairs.
Cancer patients arriving for intensive chemotherapy.
When transportation difficulties prevent families from visiting on a daily basis.

  • Cost

    The Cost - is $15.00 per night per person, or $25.00 for two people, paid in advance, by cash or check. HGH does not accept credit cards. You may pay one night at a time or in advance as far as you wish.

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  • We Are A Nonprofit Orgnization

    The fee is never waived. HGH is a nonprofit orgnization wholly supported by our guests and by generous contributors in the community. HGH does not have a fund to assist indigent cases. Guests may choose to seek assistance from community resources.

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